Bas saaru

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  • Hara moong (Hesarukalu)-1cup
  • Toordal(togaribele)-1/2cup
  • Garlic-1 whole big(1/2 for roasting and 1/2required as raw)
  • Onion-1big(same as above)
  • Tamarind-lemon size
  • Coconut freshly grated-1/2cup
  • Curryleaves(karibevu)-2sprig
  • Sarinapudi-1tbsp
  • Ghee/oil-2tsp
  • Onions finely chopped-2tsp
  • Garlic cloves-4-5(as many as you wish)
  • Mustard-1tsp


First cook dal and moong in a cooker with sufficiant water for 2 whistles,then leaveit to cool.

Now roast 1/2 onion and 1/2 garlic along with skin, in a open flame on a hob with skewers.After roasting remove the skin and chop roughly.Now grind coconut,tamarind,1/2raw onion and garlic,1/2roasted onion and garlic,1tbsp of cooked dal and moong, sarinapudi into a fine paste by adding little water.

Separate the water from cooked dal and moong and keep aside.Now put tadka of ghee, mustard, onion ,garlic untill little black, then add grind masala to tadka and fry for 2 minutes, then add curryleaves along with stem(this gives nice aroma to saaru).

After 2 minutes add dalwater and allow to boil for 10minutes in sim flame, add salt to taste.

Boil for 2minutes(don't over boil)now it is ready to enjoy with ragimudde or rice.

For cooked dal and moong mixture put tadka of oil, mustard, red chillies,little onion and fresh coconut,serve as a side dish to bas saaru.